Events are all about the experience and we help you captivate your audience by providing cutting edge custom developed stages, pavilions & environments that make use of 3d Projection Mapping, LED Displays & More.

We offer a variety of services that allow clients, promoters & event organisers to transform their events into memorable experiences:

Stage & Environment Design

The visual architecture of your event is crucial and designing high impact, visually striking stage setups is our hallmark.

Through smart integration of digital displays, we create dynamic stages that keep your audience glued to the show. A crisp combination of fabrication, surface ornaments, art installations, controlled lighting and more come together to create a base and a backdrop that will awe and inspire.

Coupled with Customised Content specially created to suit your theme and sync with the stage design helps to complete the cutting edge effect.

LED Integrated Stages

LED Backdrops allow a high degree of versatility on efficient budgets and can be scaled across a wide variety of events using multiple screens and surfaces.

Projection Mapped Stages

Projection Mapping is much grander by nature, and is ideal for large budget events which are seeking to be unique and stand above the rest of the competition.

Custom Content Development

Memorable, high impact experiences for Shows, Dealer Meets, Award Ceremonies and Conferences

Live Operation & VJ

Live Operations are managed by our team from a central console to ensure glitch free production on carefully selected hardware that delivers the desired high impact show on the best budgets.

Production & Event Mgmnt

We offer end-to-end solutions for organising and executing events built around our visual systems. Services covered under such projects include event management, planning, production, vendor management, etc.